Elias Pelcastre

Play ad-free YouTube videos on the corner of your computer screen with this Chrome extension

Looks like Apple´s mobile picture-in-picture made quite an impression on desktop software developers since the official launch of iOS 9 in September. So much that many of them have been releasing computer solutions that emulate the iPad´s background video feature.

I recently reviewed Helium, a free Mac app that enables you to watch online videos from YouTube, Vevo and even Netflix in a corner while performing other tasks. The only downside I found apart from the fact that it is not available for PC was that you have to enter the URL address manually to enjoy the content.

You can enter “youtube.com” and browse the video platform on Helium´s window. But the small window makes it too uncomfortable to find what you want. Enter Sideplayer.

Sideplayer is a free Chrome extension that lets you watch YouTube videos in the corner of your PC or Mac´s screen while browsing the web or working.

After you install the extension, head to YouTube in a regular-sized tab and tap on a video. You will see a special Sideplayer button in the lower right corner; tap on it and the Chrome extension will start playing the video next to search bar.

You can´t move Sideplayer´s playback window, but you can hide it in case it gets in your way. Just tap on the Sideplayer icon to stop the video, and once again to resume where you left.

Another great thing about Sideplayer is that it gets rid of all the ads so you can enjoy a pure, Red-like YouTube experience. Forget about YouTube´s annoying five-second skipping restriction.

Start a YouTube playlist, sit back and relax – Sideplayer takes care of playing the tracks without interruptions. You don´t even have to leave YouTube open, although Chrome will need to be running in the background.

Sideplayer can get a little laggy, especially when playing music videos and switching between tabs and doing heavy browsing. Everything runs smooth when you play to audio-only videos.

If YouTube on a desktop or laptop computer is your defacto video player, you will love Sideplayer. You can download Sideplayer for free here, and please let me know your thoughts in the comment section.