Elias Pelcastre

RunningCircles, a simple game that will get you hooked straightaway

BoomBit, the developer behind TowerDash, a game I reviewed a few days ago, has launched a new title called RunningCircles.

Like TowerDash, where you have to move a cute box upwards and avoid obstacles in the way, RunningCircles gets you controlling a similar blue character. But this time you will have to slide through an infinite number of rings and collect yellow diamonds.

To switch between circles, you will have to tap the screen at the right moment to change sides and avoid getting stuck in the intersection and die.

You can trade your diamonds for another chance to resume right where you left off. As it happens on TowerDash, you can unlock an easy mode for $2.99.

RunningCircles, unlike TowerDash, offers a wide selection of characters. You can choose from different animals, like a parrot or a crab, but unlocking will cost you some green, or should I say yellow diamonds. Fifteen dollars will reveal all RunningCircle´s cute animals.

I find RunningCircles to be as addictive as TowerDash, although the former´s Spiderman moves are a little more entertaining. RunningCircles will get you hooked, so try to save the game for the weekend in case you decide to download it.

Download RunningCircles for free for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 7 or later, as well as smartphones and tablets with Android 3.0 or above. There´s also a Windows Phone version available.

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