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Wiind, a simple Chrome extension that lets you send more engaging emails

Wiind wants to revolutionize the way we send emails with what it calls “the next generation of video email.”

To give us a preview of what´s coming to desktop and laptop computers, Wiind launched a very simple but effective Chrome extension.

Wiind enables you to record a video on the Chrome search bar and send it with an accompanying message. After you install Wiind´s free extension, you will need to provide an email (where you can get a response delivered,) grant Wiind permission to your computer´s microphone and camera, and enter the receiver´s email address.

Tap the white and blue recording button to start a video message, and just fill in the blank spaces to send your personalized email. Video messages don´t have a set time limit, and the email you send will display a brief GIF image as well a link to the YouTube video, where the receiver can watch it on full. (Additionally, Gmail attaches the YouTube video to the message.)


According to Daniel Sosa, co-founder of Wiind, YouTube “was a great way for us to quickly put up our video infrastructure on a trusted platform.” And to calm down any privacy concerns you may have “the videos are set as private and not visible by anyone.”

In a short Wiind video sent to eliaspelcastre.com, Daniel told us a little bit more about the service:

Ultimately we believe that video communication needs to be a native part of the way professionals engage with each other if you only buy what they trust. I like to see some kind of concept of Outlook meets Snapchat, but without the ephemeral, disappearing messages.

According to Daniel, the team plans to release the next version of Wiind´s simplified web app in the coming weeks. It will include a set folder, analytics, and more advanced editing tools.

Wiind would also “like to deliver an advanced email client where these videos can be created, sent, and watched right in your inbox. Allowing for not only better transfer of video information, but also asynchronous video messaging.”

You can try Wiind for yourself by downloading the free Chrome extension for desktop and laptop computers. Remember to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. In case you don’t use Chrome, there’s a pre-launch Wiind version that you can access on any browser here.

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