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How to make Twitter Moments for iPhone stick around in countries not supported

Oh, Twitter, you´ve made using Moments outside the US, and now Brazil, very difficult. The hoops we need to jump through to experience a different form of storytelling on a desktop or mobile device abroad is just annoying.

As I reported before, enabling Moments on a computer is fairly easy. But accessing “the best of what’s happening on Twitter in an instant” on an iPhone or iPad is as complicated as hell.

I previously thought that you could simply set a US location through a VPN to have that lightning bolt greet you every time you open the mobile app. I wasn´t entirely right, as Moments comes and goes after rebooting Twitter, even with a tunneling connection enabled at all times.

Well, it looks like there is indeed a way of getting that bloody lightning bolt stay put. Although, I warn you, it´s not that simple and it could seem like a big stretch for most people, including myself.

As reader and Twitter follower James O´Malley points out, you can make Moments to always show up in the iOS app. First, head to Settings on your device and tap on “Privacy” and turn off “Location Services” to throw Twitter off the scent – remember that by doing this, none of your installed apps will be able to track you and display recommendations based on your location.

In the General tab inside Settings, scroll down until you find “Date & Time”. I would advise you change it to San Francisco, as this location worked for me, although you´re more than welcome to experiment with other US cities.

Your clock will change to the city of your choosing´s time, so try not to get too weirded out by it or look at your phone or tablet for the correct time. Now, set your device´s language to English, and delete any other languages you might´ve enabled in the “Language & Region” tab.

Before we move on to the last step, make sure the language and time zone on the desktop version of your Twitter account(s) is set to English and Eastern Time respectively. For the final touch, turn off your device, and once it´s on, connect to a San Francisco-based VPN connection and open Twitter.

You should see Moments appear in the bottom middle part of the screen in each and every Twitter account you have linked to the mobile client. According to James, you need to keep the VPN turned on to see Moments.

It sounds awfully complicated, right? I have another idea, how about Twitter stops this elitism and just opens Moments for everyone to use? I hope you found this tutorial useful, and a big shout out to James for the tip.

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