Are you a British expat? Do you want to watch iPlayer on your TV? I just found out how to enjoy your favorite BBC replays on the big screen outside the United Kingdom.

All you need is an iPhone 4 or later, an iPad 1 or above, or even an iPod Touch 4th generation, as well as a 2nd generation Apple TV or higher for the following to work. Download BBC iPlayer from the British App Store, and a VPN app like Tunnelbear or Ark VPN, onto your iOS device.


Turn on a British VPN location and download an episode in the iPlayer app – I tried Rusell Howard´s Good News. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, slide your finger up from the bottom part of the screen, tap on “AirPlay”, and select your Apple TV to enable “Mirroring”.

Tap on the BBC episode you just downloaded, and your iOS device will automatically start playing the content on your TV. There´s no need to leave the VPN on to start watching.

Plus, you can take your mobile device on the go and watch your downloads without an Internet connection. How about that? Now you can enjoy British telly on a telly even if you´re abroad.

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