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Album review: Royalty, by Chris Brown (Explicit)

Chris Brown´s latest album Royalty is, well, full of swear words (shocking, right?) Case in point Back To Sleep opens with a “Fuck you back to sleep” chorus, as well as a controversial video that you can watch next.

While Liquor makes Brown want to “drink and fuck”, Wrist overuses the n-word to the point it can make the normal listener uncomfortable. Zero, on the other hand, has that dance vibe you´d expect from Brown but ultimately doesn´t escape the fs and ns the rapper is used to expel.

Sexual references are present throughout, with Who´s Gonna one of the most explicit tracks – I mean, “Who’s gonna fuck you like Breezy? Nobody” doesn´t leave much room for innuendo. Little Bit is a not even a little bit subtle, with the full-on sexual bridge “Oh baby, scream my name, put that pussy in my face / Wrap your legs around my head, swing that ass like a chandelier.”

That makes me think the album should display the same sexual warning Justin Timberlake´s Futuresex/Lovesound had on the cover. Even slow songs like Discover that potentially make your ears “hurt”: You don’t even pick up for a n#¢∞ / And they don’t like me, fuck y’all bitches.”

But not every track in Royalty is explicit, as Fine By Me is more toned down – and resemblant to 2012 dance hit Turn Up The Music – while Make Love replaces Back To Sleep´s crudity with a more romantic “Girl I wanna love you, baby / I wanna make love to you” lyric.

Anyway, featuring Hairspray actress, and songwriter, Tayla Parks, is one of the most danceable and enjoyable tracks of Royalty, with Filter and Zero (minus the “That´s how many fucks I give) in second and third place, respectively.

Brown even sampled some songs; Picture Me Rollin takes the hook, and vibe, of 2Pac´s homonymous track, and Royalty closes the album with Wham´s “Wake me up before you go”, minus the second go and the upbeat melody, as an opening line.

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