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This is your next game: addictive iPhone and Android app Swing Copters 2

Do you remember Flappy Bird, the addictive game that had you tapping the screen trying to get an odd-looking bird through Mario-like pipes? Every time you hit a pipe, or stopped tapping and crashed into the floor, you had to start all over again.

Dong Nguyen, the man behind Flappy Bird, is back with the second installment of Swing Copters. Swing Copters 2 has a very simple task for you: fly a cute pilot in an upward manner and avoid crashing into the wall, or the obstacles that come your way.

Pilots include Spinki – the initial “Copter” you guide –, Fabi, Pinki, and 13 other characters you recruit throughout the game – that if you manage to pass level one. Screen Copters 2 has a Nintendo-inspired interface, with an intro and 8-bit music that remind me to Mickey Mouse Racing Adventure for Gameboy Color.

To start playing, tap the screen and leave your finger pressed to the right or left to move to each direction. But don´t press too hard to either one though, or you will end up loosing so fast that you won´t even know what happened.

The app has static banners in the home screen, as well as the not-so-occasional pop-up ad that links to promoted games; a $1 in-app purchase, and all that goes away.

I have to be honest with you; I couldn´t get pass the first set of moving hammers. In other words, I wasn´t able to score a meager point, but that didn´t stop me from playing over and over to see if I could top my non-existent record.

That´s exactly how Flappy Bird made Nguyen 50 thousand dollars a day in advertising. We´ll have to see if Swing Copters 2 becomes the new mobile sensation.

Swing Copters 2 is available for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets. You can download the game for free here; please let me know your impressions in the comment section below.

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