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If you’re looking for an AirDrop alternative for iOS or Mac, you should try this web tool

Sharing files between devices can be daunting; download a PDF on your Mac, and to read it on your iPad you need to send yourself the file over email.

Sure, you can use AirDrop to sync devices wirelessly. But what about if your iDevice doesn’t support Apple’s sharing technology? I have a 2011 MacBook Air that can AirDrop between Macs, but not iPhones or iPads.

Well, there’s is a very simple solution to that “problem.” Snapdrop is a dead-easy website that enables you to send files over the Internet without any authentication, but with privacy always in mind.

“Snapdrop is built with Ember and Snapdrop is built as a Progressive Polymer App using WebRTC. It uses a peer-to-peer local connection when WebRTC is supported by the browser”, as iDownloadBlog likes to point out.

The website goes on explaining: “In browsers that don’t support WebRTC, like Safari and Internet Explorer, Snapdrop uses a Web Sockets fallback for the file transfer and connects the clients with a stream. Most importantly, none of your files are ever saved on any server during transfer.”

Sharedrop doesn’t store your data on its servers, that way you can be sure you’re privately sharing things between devices. Just open Snapdrop’s website on two devices, be it a computer, smartphone or tablet, and select a file on the sender’s side. The receiver gadget will display a pop-up prompting you to accept the file.

You can choose files from your photo library, iCloud, or a third-party cloud service like Drive or Dropbox. After you download a file on your iPhone or iPad – for instance, the aforementioned PDF – just select an app to open it. That way you can avoid filling up your Gmail address with self-sent emails.

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