Elias Pelcastre

Cravings on holiday

After working so hard all year, you would think that escaping the country for a couple of weeks would satisfy even the most intense vacation desires. However, no matter how exotic and perfect your location is, it’s inevitable to crave those home comforts.

Those things that in the sanctity of our own homes are normally taken for granted. Our culture can be quite particular when it comes to our wants and needs, this translates as being cute, demanding or just plain weird when we start vocalising our wish lists to others. Here’s a collection of my top cravings;

A cup of tea. Properly made, a cup of English breakfast tea cures tiredness, sadness and illness all in one. There’s no other drink that contains as much goodness.

Flavoured cider. The UK has such a range of alcoholic drinks, we’re often spoilt for choice in bars and shops and  are used to getting what we want. However the less well know drinks we have become accustomed too are not as prevalent in other areas of the world. For example, I have tried to find Rekorderlig all over the world and my most recent failure was Sweden. Which would be fine apart from the fact it’s Swedish.

-A proper bacon sandwich. The best hangover cure and weekend treat. Waking up to the smell of bacon grilling is an great indication that everything from the night before is forgiven and it’s all going to turn out alright.

-Pair of slippers. Often overlooked in hot weather, slippers do much more than act as indoor shoes. Comforting to wear after an evening bath and shielding from cold tiled floors often found in holiday apartments, a home comfort that earns its place in the suitcase.

-British plug sockets. Because everybody gets tired of fighting over a single two pin socket with an adaptor hanging precariously out of it.

-Food – Friday fish and chips and Sunday roast. Amongst the variety of food on offer in the UK, these two options are the hardest to recreate abroad and the two most fantasised over.

-Sarcasm. The way that myself and my friends pretty much live our lives taking the piss out of each other and the world constantly. It’s representative of mutual love, instead of the more apparent hate.

-Not feeling like an idiot. People who speak English as a first language are notoriously bad for not making effort to communicate in another language. The one advantage of being and arriving at home is not feeling as though I fit into the arrogant stereotype.