Elias Pelcastre

Album review: This Is Acting, by Sia

Sia might not like to show her face, but she has no compunction in revealing half of her latest album. This Is Acting joins the music industry’s trend of releasing track after track before an album is made available for sale.

Bird Set Free, Alive, One Million Bullets, Unstoppable, Cheap Thrills, and Reaper have been overplayed through Sia’s Vevo and Spotify channels. That leaves us with the other half of the act.

Move Your Body is an upbeat tune Lady Gaga could be singing, with a Bad Romance “Oh oh” chorus – just faster – and a low closing bridge that reminded me of Ryn Weaver. It breaks Sia’s convention, with lyrics “I wanna be your muse / Let the movement be the rhythm tonight.”

House On Fire returns to the slowness and neediness that characterises the singer. “I need you I need you / Baby I want to breathe you in like oxygen, like oxygen.” Footprints is one of the most Beyoncé-like and inspired tracks of the album. “Only two footprints in the sand / Thought you’d abandoned me and let go of my hand / But you were carrying me to safety”.

Aching for a dance song that gets your party going? This Is Acting won’t disappoint: Sweet Designs samples Sisqo’s Thong Song and feels so 90s. If I had to use one word to describe it, that would be slammin’.

Approaching the end of the album, Broken Glass‘ gives all the hurt lovers hope inviting them to “Don’t give up, it’s just young lovers romance”. While Space Between closes in agony with “No more fighting, no more fighting.”

This Is Acting is not just for the heartbroken, you can dance to it and scream your lungs out. What do you think of the album?