Elias Pelcastre

No, you can´t pirate Apple Music songs on Android

Apple released a new update for Apple Music that enables users to download songs to a micro SD card. The first thought that crossed my mind was, “could Apple be opening the door to music streaming piracy?”

The answer to the previous question, in case you were wondering, is “NO”. Sure, you can download a file manager app, and enable the hidden files viewer. But, as a standard Apple move, music files have an M4P extension – Apple´s way of preventing copyright theft.

Saving Apple Music songs to an SD is as simple as toggling the dedicated button in the Settings menu. The use of a memory card liberates users from the constraints of internal storage; that, if their device supports the alternative storage method.

As the latest Apple Music 0.9.5 version stands, users can now see the full Beats 1 schedule, as well as browse My Music by composers and compilations. It´s good to see Apple enhancing Android user´s experience while protecting artists and labels´interests.

What do you think of Apple Music for Android? Have you tried Apple´s new music streaming app? In case you haven´t, you can read my full review here, and drop your thoughts and comments below.

Featured photo: Xataka