Elias Pelcastre

How to switch between Instagram accounts on mobile

Instagram is finally catching up with Twitter; as of today, the Facebook-owned photo network is rolling out a multi-user switch feature on Android and iPhone. That means you can now change between accounts with the flip of a button.

To enable it, make sure you’re device is running Instagram 7.15. Open the app and go to the “Settings” section in the top right corner. Scroll down until you find the “Add Account” tab; from there you can either log in with your Facebook account – in case you have signed up to Instagram with Facebook – or your Instagram username and password.

Your Instagram username on the top will now display an arrow that enables you to switch between the newly-added account and the original. After changing accounts, you’ll see a green bar letting you know the change has applied, as well as your profile picture in the low right corner.

Instagram allows you to exit from the profile in use, or from all accounts in the Settings section. Very handy if you want to remove an Instagram user, or exit all users with a tap.

In case you were wondering, there’s no unlimited account switching; you can add up to 5 Instagram profiles, a shame if you have to manage a bigger number of accounts on a mobile device.

At the time of writing, I have only been able to use the multi-switcher on my iPad, as my iPhone and Android smartphone haven’t received the update yet. I don´t like how Instagram, similar to parent-company Facebook, slowly releases updates, as they should be available for people around the world immediately.

Are you happy with new the multiple account switching option? Please leave your comments below.

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