Elias Pelcastre

This is your next game: Ultimate Briefcase

Back when I was I kid I used to go to the arcade and play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Street Fighter. How to forget the 8-bit characters, as well as the thrill of defeating your opponents.

Ultimate Briefcase is not by any means an arcade game for iPhone, but it sure looks like one. You play as Tucker, a white collar employee who needs you to “survive waves of onslaught” caused by “hundreds of automated doomsday machines.”

The free game, also available for iPad and iPod Touch, has a very simple goal: help Tucker to avoid the bombs falling from the sky and collect as many special items as you can.

Controls are simple too; swipe to the left or right to move accordingly and stay alive. Blue explosives leave behind power-ups that you collect to fill the left side meter and obtain a protection briefcase.

The game is addictive and hard, although pop-up ads might get in your face. An in-app purchase solves that problem.

Ultimate Briefcase is fully compatible with iPad and offers some additional characters that you can buy with coins or “real money”. Just be careful when lending your device to a toddler; those credit card surprises are no fun.

The free app makes a relaxing break at work, or an enjoyable game while traveling. Although it can turn too harsh and put off some light-weight players.

Ultimate Briefcase is available at no cost for Android in case you also own a Google-powered smartphone or tablet. What do you make of Ultimate Briefcase? Do you think is worlds of fun or simply too hard to play?

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