Elias Pelcastre

Looking for an iPhone or iPad app to stream free movies this weekend?

Do you want to spend this Valentine´s weekend cosy with a film? Then, The movie box & Movie Box is definitely NOT for you.

Psyched, right? That’s exactly how I felt when I found this app. I first thought it would be a Bobby Movie Box clone, one that opens a magic door to a world of free HD films (this to share with y’all, of course.)

Unlike Bobby Movie Box, The movie box sets you back $2.99, or the equivalent in your country. There are two parts to the slightly misleading app: the name and the description.

Its full name is “The movie box & Movie Box free film HD”; that last part led me to believe the app could have a secret stash of free HD films waiting on the other side of the download.

The App Store description does say you can watch the latest movie trailers and “read movie summaries, run times and cast lists.” That you are able to do. But it also states you can submit reviews and browse showtimes by location, which you can’t.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, The movie box comes with pop-up ads that get in your face at all times. Why would you charge for an app that also comes with advertisements? Greed.

I would tell you to avoid piracy altogether and go to the cinema or buy the film on iTunes, but that’s for you to decide. What I will advise you though is don’t buy this excuse-of-an-app. You’ll regret it.