Elias Pelcastre

Your iPhone has a secret emoji keyboard

Sunday night slash early Monday tip: did you know your iPhone hides a secret emoji keyboard?

As RedmondPie notes, you can have “more than 100 emoticon characters” at your disposal with just a few taps.

All you have to do is open the Settings app and select the Japanese keyboard in the Keyboards section of General. Now choose the Romaji option.

Open the Notes app and tap the globe icon to enable the Japanese keyboard. Tap the numbers key to see the ^_^ icon.

The keyboard’s suggestion bar will display seven emoticons. Just tap the left arrow to see the full list.

The emoji keyboard is, as you guessed it, also available for iPad and iPod Touch.

Now you can send a different emoji other than ? to remind your loved one you’re thinking about them. What do you think of the hidden keyboard? Did you find it useful?

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