Elias Pelcastre

I finally got to play Nintendo 64 on my iPhone, and it is awesome

Today is a glorious day, as I finally got to play Nintendo 64 on an iPhone. I remember writing an article on iJailbreak.com, back when I was a contributor (although now I appear as guest) asking the question “Will There Ever Be A Functional Nintendo 64 Emulator For iOS?”.

Nearly three years have passed since I posed the existential question, and now I can gladly confirm it is indeed possible. And you don’t even need to jailbreak to rock Super Mario 64 on your iDevice. All you’ve got to do is install is the WeChat app and the (hidden) emulator Happy Chick.

As iDownloadBlog notes, installing the emulator is very simple but requires “a lot of things” to do. You can follow their detailed account, but the main steps include downloading WeChat, joining the messaging app with your phone number, and looking Xiaojigame game up.

Follow the Xiaojigame’s channel and install Happy Chick on your iPhone. Trust the app in the Device Management tab of General; all there is to do now is copy the code you get in the Xiaojigame channel and paste it in the emulator app to start downloading “the ROMs you own.” Note that you can only use the code in one device.

Playing Nintendo 64 on Happy Chick is awesome; it runs smoothly – 50 to 60 frames per second on a 64-bit Apple device, according to iDownloadBlog – and the sound quality is acceptable. (Consider Happy Chick drains your battery faster than normal.)

You won’t find the control problem ZodTTD’s n64ios emulator had back in iOS 5. Happy Chick also supports Nintendo DS, PlayStation 1, GameBoy Advance and many other consoles. And even if Apple decided to close the door to the emulator, Xiaojigame offers a repairing tool for computers.

Happy Chick made me relive the time of playing Smash Brothers with my childhood friends on Friday and Saturday night. But the coolest thing is that you can carry your favorite console on your iPhone, wherever you are.