Elias Pelcastre

How to share a Spotify song right from the Facebook Messenger app

Facebook keeps adding features to its Messenger mobile app, and Spotify has just joined the mobile platform’s “More” section.

If you are tired of sending the same old and annoying GIFs to your contacts, why not sharing a song instead? (The phrase reminds me to a Spotify ad.)

Open Messenger on your iOS or Android tablet or smartphone, and tap the “…” button below the message area. Scroll down until you find the Spotify tab. You will be redirected to Spotify’s mobile app, in case you have it installed – otherwise, Messenger will prompt you to download it.

Select a track and press the “Send photo” (God knows why the term photo) option. Your friend will instantly get the track as a message and will be able to listen to it on Spotify’s app.

It’s a shame you can’t share tracks without Spotify running on your device. Nevertheless, this is an excellent way to let people know which songs are currently rocking your world. Just don’t overuse the feature, though, or your friends will get sick of you spamming them with songs.

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