Elias Pelcastre

Toffeed lets you save some megabytes on your mobile Facebooking

Mobile internet is becoming a luxury. Thankfully, there are more and more apps that help users make the most out of their megabytes.

Take Opera Mini, the mobile browser that optimizes videos and compresses web pages. I used fifty percent less of my allowance after using the app instead of Apple’s de facto option Safari.

If you love updating your Facebook wall on the go but are on a pay-as-you-go plan, you may end up loving Toffeed, an ultralight Facebook client for Android 4.2 smartphones.

It comes at less than 2 MB and has a set of toggles that enable you to speed your Facebook experience. Toffeed lets you hide the ads that run on the News Feed screen and disable all images, all right in the app’s settings section. That means the app won’t load any unnecessary clutter to help you reduce your megabyte consumption.

The app also grants you access to your Facebook messages, meaning you won’t need to install the additional Messenger client to read your all your conversations. Other than that, Toffeed is just your regular Facebook app; you can post updates and photos, as well as let the world know your location with a quick check-in and answer to all your pending friend requests.

Toffeed’s interface is user friendly and resembles Facebook’s with blue menus and white letters. The main difference, apart from the Internet saving options, is a red button in the bottom right corner to post content onto the social network.

Now you can save some MB on all your mobile social networking. Please let us know if you enjoyed the app and saved some money in the comment section below.