Elias Pelcastre

You can extend your YouTube Red trial, at least for a bit

Are you enjoying YouTube Red? I know I did. Shame the ad-free, background video service is not available outside the United States. Otherwise, I would join in the blink of an eye.

Remember when I told you how to use Red in a different country? Well, it turns out you can extend your trial and avoid paying altogether. You just need to be willing to create several Gmail accounts.

YouTube is offering a 14-day, risk-free Red trial when you use Music, the service´s complimentary video app, for the first time on your iPhone or iPad. The catch is that, to extend your weekly subscription you will need to access the app with a new Google account.

Red automatically gives you two weeks of use when you log in with slate-new credentials, without having to subscribe through the App Store. I know this is an impractical solution, but some of you may have Gmail accounts to spare – I know I do – to renew your trial and keep enjoying the ad-free, multitasking sweetness that is YouTube Red.

Red´s international launch may be far away, but at least you can stretch your free subscription for a bit longer after the 30 days Google gives to entice Apple users to cashing $12.99 as an in-app purchase. Featured Photo, VentureBeat.

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