Elias Pelcastre

Virgin Mobile Mexico is giving away free Netflix and YouTube streaming for three months

We get a lot of readers who reside in Mexico; as an update on why Virgin is a good option to keep in mind when in the country, the British carrier is offering free Netflix and YouTube video streaming through its mobile network.

As always there are some caveats: first of all, the offer is available for people who switch cell-phone companies, either on pay as you go or contract. If interested, you’ll have to act relatively fast: the offer lasts until September 30. Oh, and you need to own a Virgin SIM.

You then fill the following form by providing your personal details, a valid identification – you will need to upload a photo – and a “NIP”, or in other words, a per-request pin that your original company sends you over a text message. (Telcel has a site where you can enter your current number and get a pin number, or you can send a free text to 051 with the word “NIP” to get the code.)

Virgin Mobile

After filling the form, Virgin will send you a text message with the details of the switching process. Mexican law says switching telecoms should take 24 hours, but Virgin takes up to two days to complete the move. The last step is to buy a 100 MXN top up or higher for the next three months, and you will get 2.5 GB a month to stream shows on Netflix or watch clips on YouTube. (Vine is also in there.)

But careful, though, as surpassing the monthly data gift starts consuming your “Rock” or “Blah” mobile packages, assuming you bought one. Otherwise, you’ll burn through your top up credit pretty fast. I’m still in the process of switching, so I’ll let you know how things go.


Everything went smoothly, and got what was promised. 😊