Elias Pelcastre

Where to watch films and series in Spanish for free to practice the language

My girlfriend has been watching a few Brtish YouTubers speak Spanish, and it made me think there may be some people out there who may want to practice the language by watching free films and series.

And what a better way than to watch cartoons. Their dialogues are simple, and characters speak slow enough for foreigners to understand.

Recently, I ran into Danimados, a great website with a wide selection of films and series in Spanish. It has a clean interface that divides content into animated series and movies, anime, and live action.

Films and series in Spanish

The Simpsons, Malcolm in the Middle, and Dragon Ball Z are some of the big names available on the website. But you will also find gems like Tiny Toon, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, and As Told By Ginger.

People like me that grew up watching Goku fight evil or Looney Tunes get into some wacky situations, in Spanish, might relive their childhood. But others that want to practice Spanish can take advantage of watching cartoons and children films to get used to the language.

Danimados has a few pop-ups, but not enough to make you want to leave. So if you’re going to practice your Spanish, you should check it out.

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