Well, what else I can tell you about me, Elias Pelcastre. I was born in Mexico city, went to Sweden to meet my (other) roots and decided to study Journalism in Cardiff.

I had so much fun as an undergraduate, partying tirelessly for a month during freshers and learning all the Welsh/English ways. After I finished my uni days, I lived in Spain and Italy for a year and returned to my homeland.

Since 2012, I have managed several websites – EPELTECHMagazine, EPELTECH MX, EPNORTECH – but to be honest with you, I feel this is my masterpiece.

I hope you forgive me if you find any grammatical errors. My native language is Spanish, but I have been reading The Guardian news website like crazy for the last year and a half, so I rekon I can deliver understandable and readable content (LOL) for all of you to enjoy.

My dream is to get as many readers as possible, practice my English while at it, and someday write for The Guardian or BBC UK (recruiters, if you’re reading this, you know what to do).

In the meantime, welcome to my new venture.

Elias Pelcastre