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Get an hourly forecast for up to 10 days with Weather Timeline

Well, you have to, really...

Cardiff Bay
Browsing through the Play Store, I stumbled upon an interesting app for Android called Weather Time, which is featured in the section “Editor´s choice”. As a weather enthusiast, I decided to pay the $0.99 price tag and try it – hopefully, I won´t regret it.

First of all, Weather Timeline makes you choose between four weather sources. Trying to guess which one is more reliable may seem difficult, but I selected the source that offered the closest weather prediction in my location, Weather Underground.

A card, with a Google Now style, will pop up in the main screen with a nice animation, the current weather expressed in Fahrenheit (don´t worry, you can change this, and other metric values in the preferences section) and the local time. On the lower part, a “+” button in case you want to add more locations.

Once you press on a card, Weather Timeline will display a list of predictions like the humidity, pressure, visibility and sunrise/sunset. Scroll down to see the next 24 hours.

Weather Timeline a really comprehensive app, in terms of weather prediction, with a 10 day forecast. Each day has an hourly forecast, with different colors and animations to make it more interesting and eye-appealing.

It also comes with a radar and a graphic section, for different perspectives and ways of analyzing your location´s weather. Of that wasn´t enough, there are eleven widgets to choose from and get your weather on even if you´re checking something on the home screen of your device.

The app is full of icons, a feature that makes it easier to understand the local weather. If you would like to know if it´s chilly or warm out there, you should definitely try this app.

Download Weather Timeline for $0.99 on the Play Store (requires Android 4.0 or later)

Taken from my website EPELTECHMagazine