Elias Pelcastre

How to take a selfie using your Android Wear smartwatch and your phone

If you have an Android Wear smartwatch, you can make the whole selfie process a lot easier. Here´s how.
Google has a dedicated camera app available on the Play store for tablets and smartphones with Android 4.4 or later.

Apart from having a very familiar and simplistic interface (two buttons on the screen and an “invisible” menu that appears when swiping a finger from left to right), Google´s camera app has an interesting and useful smartwatch feature.

Once you open the camera app on your Android phone or tablet, the smartwatch turns into an extension of your device´s camera.

Open the camera app on your phone, and the smartwatch will vibrate to let you know everything´s ready for making a memory. You can take a standard picture, using the rear camera of your telephone/tablet, but we think its primary use will be for snapping self-portraits, or selfies.

That way, if you use the front camera, you will be able to see on the screen the result.

Just put your device on a surface high enough for your device to place you right in the center of the photograph, and push the camera button on your smartwatch. A three-second countdown will start, and after the photo is taken, you´ll see the result on the smartwatch´s screen.

If you don´t like the photo, swipe back to see the camera button again. Push the button to re-shoot a photograph.

Pretty useful, don´t you think? Obviously, a selfie stick is better, because you don´t need to find a place to rest your phone. But, still, this tip may come handy if you go to a place where selfie sticks are not allowed.

Download Google Camera for Android 4.4 or later

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