Elias Pelcastre

Minds, a “super private” social network that wants to compete with Facebook

If you feel the content you post on Facebook might end up in the wrong hands, here’s a “secure” social network to try out.

Minds.com wants you to “regain control of your social world”, and offers an “encrypted” alternative in case you are worried your information is not secure on any of the social networks available on the Internet.

You need a username, a password and an email to create a free account. Once you do, Mind will show you the things you can do on it with a brief tutorial.

You can post a status, upload pictures and video, chat with your contacts and read content published by Minds’ users or publish content yourself. Points will be rewarded when interacting with other people in Minds, and in exchange you’ll get free promotion on the network.

We downloaded the app on the iPad, and had a problem when creating an account. Once we introduced all the required details, we got a “failed registration” message, but funny enough, could log in anyway.

Inside the app, we tried to watch a video, but it never loaded, and the discovery feature fetched a “server error” notice and never displayed content properly.

Still, if you’re concerned about your privacy on the net, you may want to give Minds a go. It’s backed by activists’ group Anonymous, if that puts your mind “at ease”.

Minds is also available for Android, PC and Mac, and you can download it or have access to the website on your platform here.

Taken from my website EPELTECHMagazine