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Bleep, BitTorrent´s new “private” messaging app


You might have heard of BitTorrent, the “leading software company with the fastest torrent client and sync and share software”. Well, add Bleep, “a fun & safe messaging app for private conversations”, to its list of software solutions.

After trying it, Bleep has three features that strike us as interesting. You don´t need to register to use the private messaging service, you just need an “alias”; VoIP calls are thrown in to the equation, to compete directly with Whatsapp and enable “free” calls right inside the app; last, but not least, Whisper, a feature that will enable you to send messages and photographs that disappear after the end user reads them (Snapchat, does that sound familiar?).

Obviously, Bleep’s main offer is privacy: BitTorrent assures users their messages are stored locally. That means no cloud or servers that compromise conversations or shared photos.

Bleep´s interface is pretty basic. After you provide an alias – or register with an email to easily find people on the messaging service – you´ll see a white screen with a “robot” conversation that lets you try all the features for yourself without the need of asking someone to join this new app.

On the upper right corner, there´s a phone button, similar to the one on Whatsapp, that enables you to make VoIP calls (you will need Wi-Fi or a 3G connection to phone one of your Bleep contacts); press on the Whisper button, located at the end of the conversation screen, to send “self-destructive” messages or photos; and share photographs, with the camera button located on the left side.

Like Snapchat, Bleep’s Whiper messages are deleted right after the receiver reads them, so you can fearlessly send sexy pictures a contact. Whisper also offers a simple way to delete all your message history, you know, so no-one can read it.

Bleep sounds like a round solution, although BitTorrent doesn´t reveal the kind of encryption used. It´s safe to assume it´s not military, otherwise we wouldn´t hear the end of it. Still, let´s hope Bleep is safe enough to feel at ease while talking to someone over the internet.

Download Bleep for iOS, Mac, PC or Android

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