Elias Pelcastre

Chromecast or Apple TV? Which one is better?

Apple TV or Chromecast? Tough decision. Hopefully, we can help you make a sense of which streaming device is better.

First of all, the Chromecast has a more accessible price tag – $30 compared to the Apple TV´s $99 price. But, does cheap mean better? In this case, we would say NO, it doesn´t.

The Chromecast may be more portable, but we think it´s still an “immature” product/platform. It´s been available for almost two years, compared to the 8-year-old Apple TV.

If you are an Apple user, and buy loads of stuff on the iTunes store, we definitely recommend you get an Apple TV. You´ll have all your content in one place – and if you buy a song or a movie on your iPhone or iPad, this will be instantly reflected on your TV screen without the need of streaming all your purchases from one device to another.

On the other hand, the Chromecast works with Apple devices – opposed to the Apple TV incompatibility with Android phones or tablets. It is also lighter, although we would like see the implementation of a rechargeable battery, instead of an electricity connector that diminishes portability.

The main disadvantage of the Chromecast is its overheating problem. After 2 straight hours of watching Friends on Netflix, the streaming device feels so hot that it´s better to disconnect it. And if you have a slow Wi-Fi, you´ll find yourself waiting for the content to stream from your mobile device to your TV (we think the Apple TV deals with a slow connection in a better way; it feels faster).

Somehow, the Apple TV feels more straight forward. Turn on the boxset and start enjoying Netflix, HBO Now and iTunes Radio. There´s no middleman here, although you have the option of streaming content from your iPhone or iPad (you can even share your screen through AirPlay mirroring).

But when it comes to the Chromecast, everything derives from your mobile device. So if you think about it, this is a two-step ordeal, and Wi-Fi problems don´t help to provide a good experience. Yes, you may say “well, get a better Wi-Fi connection”, but even fast networks struggle at times when there´s a lot of people using the net (say, from 7 to 12pm).

So, which one is better? Chromecast or Apple TV? We think the Apple TV. It makes the whole enjoying content experience an easier and seamless one.

Remember, this is what WE think. Some Android enthusiast may argue the Chromecast is way better than the Apple TV, or vice versa. We´re not here to trash one or the other, we just want to provide you a point of view. That´s why we would love to hear from YOU, so drop us a comment in the section below.

Taken from my website EPELTECHMagazine