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Popcorn Time for iOS, no jailbreak required

Popcorn Time

We have a suggestion for the Popcorn Time team: next time you release a software for the iPhone, do it for the Mac platform. iPhone users tend to have a Mac, not a PC (sorry if we sound pedantic).

Having said that, we managed to put our hands on a PC (may not sound that difficult, but it is) and try this new method, kindly brought to us by Popcorn Time and iOS Installer, that enables iPhone/iPad users to install the movie-streaming app on their non-jailbreak devices.

Beside the struggle of borrowing a PC, the process was very simple and pain-free: after downloading and installing the software on a laptop, connect your iDevice to the computer (you need iTunes installed for this to work); wait until iOS Installer recognizes the iPhone or iPad in question; and follow the instructions.

These include trusting the computer on your mobile device, enabling airplane mode and opening the Popcorn Time app. To finish the installation, disable airplane mode while the app is open, restart Poprcorn Time and voilà, you have now access to a free and wide selection of new and classic films.

If you already tried Popcorn Time on a jailbroken device, the “new” app may not surprise you at all. It has the same exact design and features as its counterpart. What´s surprising here is the lack of jailbreak to install the unauthorized app.

We love Popcorn Time on a Mac, and the iPhone version is no exception. It enables you to stream films on your mobile device, Apple TV or Chromecast free of charge using torrents (a peer to peer method to share files).

If you are a Mac user (like us), you have two options, in case you want to try Popcorn Time on your iPhone or iPad without jailbreak: wait until the end of April for the release of a compatible version, or borrow a PC from a friend.

Have you tried the non-jailbreak Popcorn Time? Let us know in the comment section below.

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