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Apps to get the best 4th of July photos on iPhone or Android

If you are planning on taking some photographs of the fireworks this 4th of July, here are some apps that you can use on your iPhone, iPad or Android.

4th of July

Polarr (free, iPhone and iPad with iOS 8.3 or above). Polarr is a new app for iOS that comes with a wide variety of filters and editing tools. It is free, but $4.99 will unlock it full potential.

Once you’re inside the app, you can add photographs from your library or take new ones straight from Polarr. You can apply a pre-set filter or create a new one; resize the photo and add more light to your creations; visualise the before and after at the same time while on portrait on an iPad.

When you finish editing, Polarr lets you sharper your master pieces on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter right from the app.

BestMe (free, Android 4.0 and above). If you want to take a great selfie this 4th of July, you should try BestMe. Open the app you will see your face on the screen right away, ready to take a selfie – no rushing to find the capture button.

One of the best things of selfie me is that you can apply one of the 125 filters and see them live before you snap a shot. That way you can know the end result before taking a selfie.

You can also select the frame size, set the timing for an automatic capture and see a real-time collage of your photographs. BestMe also promises that you won’t have to crop your creations to post them on Instagram.

¿Do you have any apps you want to share? Let your comments below and happy 4th o pf July!

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