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How to buy an American iTunes gift card outside the US

Free My Apps is a service that we like a lot. It offers you free US iTunes vouchers in exchange for trying free apps for 30 seconds (we´ve reviewed the website before, read our thoughts here).

The “problem” is you need 3,000 credits to get a $10 voucher at no cost, and sometimes it can be weeks before an “offer” (an app you can try and get points 30 seconds later) becomes available on the website´s main screen.

Let´s be clear from the beginning: the next option is not a free one, like Free My Apps. But if you desperately want – or need – to buy a special app, song or film that is only available on the American iTunes Store, and you find yourself without any store credit, you should tryiTunesCardDelivery.

First of all, this is not a paid post: iTunesCardDelivery did not pay us to promote them. We just have been looking for a (true and functional) way of getting online iTunes codes, without the need of asking someone in the US for their help, or waiting until a visit to an American Apple Store.

Buy iTunes gift cards United States

We decided to risk $13 to buy a $10 iTunes gift card – yes, iTunesCardDelivery gets a cut. The website may look a little bit fake, or “dodgy”, but it sure delivers.

The first step is to create an account. Make sure you use the same email of your PayPal account, in case you want to use this payment method, otherwise iTunesCardDelivery will send you a verification email and delay the process of emailing you your gift card.

Select a card and proceed to check out. As we said earlier, you´ll be charged $3 for the service, although there are some deals (3 gift cards with a $15 value for $50, meaning $4 in savings).

As this is your first time, you will need to verify you email address. After your payment is verified, you’ll get an email letting you know your order is on the way.

We got a scanned gift card 5 minutes later, and redeemed it using an iPhone´s camera. We were afraid of getting a fake code, but the one provided worked just fine.

We were so happy we wrote a review on the website (obviously, for a $1 discount on our next order). We think that a $3 fee is reasonable, especially if one lives outside the US and doesn´t have access to an Apple Store or an American credit/debit card.

Have you tried iTunesCardDelivery? Do you like it? Let us know in the comment section below.

Taken from my website EPELTECHMagazine