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Stream music for free on your Android or iPhone with this app


Don´t want to pay $10 for a Spotify/Deezer/Play Music monthly subscription? We may have found a free and attractive option.

Youzeek, available for Android and iOS, enables you to stream music free of charge, without a skipping track restriction. But keep in mind there’s no escape from the ads, at least on the free version (the good thing is that you won´t have to listen to the ads or play random tracks from a playlist).

The app seems to get its tracks from YouTube, but offers a $2.99 monthly subscription for offline music and zero advertisement, a fairer deal compared to the $9.99 Spotify tier.

Stream music free on Android

Once you open the app, you can create a free account, log in (in case you´re an existing costumer), or skip this step. The main screen displays a feed with popular videos; a search button on the upper right corner, in case you´re looking for a specific song or album; and a menu on the left, with a playlist and friends section.

Use the search button to look for an artist, and (surprisingly enough) you´ll get a list of albums with the tracks put in order. You can also create playlists and share your tracks with friends and family.

The downside to the free version of Youzeek is the display of ads on the main screen and during random moments, so you click by accident on one. Still, Youzeek may be a nice app to try, in case you want to listen to free music on the go.

What do you think of Youzeek? Is it a viable alternative to Spotify and the rest of the paid streaming services? Let us know in the comment section below.

Download Youzeek for iPhone and Android

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