Elias Pelcastre

Is Guvera an alternative to Spotify, Google Play Music and the lot?

We like Spotify, but we have to admit their $9.99 monthly subscription is not in everyone’s budget. Well, good news, we just found a viable, more affordable alternative.

We are talking about Guvera, a streaming service that charges $7.99 a month and has “millions of tracks”, as part of their selection (we couldn´t find a rough estimate). You can try the service, free of charge, by signing up with a Facebook account or a user and email, but don´t expect a free trial.

Instead of that, Guvera offers you a “#PLAY” section, similar to Spotify´s free version, where you can select a genre and start listening to a random selection of tracks. You will get 5 skips, and after that the forward button will turn gray for a certain period of time.

On the left sidebar, Guvera lets you start a playlist radio based on top rated tracks, without the ability of skipping tracks, and follow your Facebook friends to get recommendations.

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There´s also a “My playlist” section, with a “+” button to start a new playlist and save it for later. Ads are displayed in the form of banners every now and then, but head to the Account section of the app (located on the left sidebar), to unlock the premium version of the service for $2 less than Spotify.

Guvera Platinum offers you the “ultimate” Guvera experience. That means “no ads, play tracks offline”. You´ll have to decide whether Guvera´s “millions of tracks” comes close to the 30 million tracks available on Spotify.

In case you don´t like the idea of committing to a streaming service on a monthly basis, Guvera offers you a 30 day pass for the same price as the premium tier ($7.99). But compared to a monthly subscription, your premium privileges will end after 30 days – no automatic subscription or worrying about cancelling before next month starts.

Guvera is available for the web; iPhone and iPad with iOS 6 or later; and Android 4.0.3 or later.

Have you tried Guvera? Do you like it? Please, let us know in the comment section below.

Taken from my website EPELTECHMagazine