Elias Pelcastre

Vessel, a video curation app for iPhone and iPad

Vessel is a service that wants to give YouTube a run for his money, content-wise, with a range of curated videos. Yesterday, Vessel released its iPhone and iPad app on the iTunes Store, and we decided to ty it and see if YouTube has a reason to be scared.

Well, our first impression is: no. With its 130 “content creators”, Vessel falls short when compared to YouTube´s millions of online videos. But some would say quality is more important than quantity, and here´s where Vessel may shine.

For starters, Vessel is a subscription based service that will charge you $2.99 a month for ad-free access. If you hurry, you can get a free subscription for a year if you register before tomorrow, and decide for yourself if it´s worth it.

App for video curation

After downloading the app, and registering, you´ll be prompted to select three categories, which could be music, “geek” and pop culture; then, follow three sources to create a feed and start “vesseling”. In the main screen, you´ll find three sections: “My feed”, with a selection of videos based on your preferences; “New releases”, with a wide range of new videos; and “Popular”, with today´s popular clips.

On the upper left corner, a sidebar with all the sections the app is divided into, a list of the sources you´re following and a “settings” option where you can manage your account.

We played a video discussing whether Scooby-doo has a speech disorder, and even though we had a free premium subscription, the app displayed a quick ad. Since then, we have played several videos but that hasn´t happened again.

We like the idea, and the interface of Vessel is quite smooth, but we think the quality of the content is not a powerful reason to pay $2.99 a month. What do you think? Have you tried Vessel on the iPhone? Let us know in the comment section below.

Download Vessel free of charge for iPhone and iPad

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