Elias Pelcastre

Amazon Cloud has a new free iPhone and iPad app

You may think of Amazon as just a marketplace, but it offers a wide range of services.

One of these services is cloud storage. The online retailer has a new app that puts users’ documents on their iPads and iPhone for easier access.

I just tried the app and can tell you is not that different from other services’ solutions.

Once you open the app, that by the way requires iOS 8.1 or above and is compatible with the bigger iPhone 6 Plus screen, you will need to provide your Amazon login details.

Amazon Cloud app iPhone

If this is the first time you use Amazon’s cloud service on your mobile device, you will have to answer a security question. Don’t worry, Amazon gives you a hint in case you don’t remember.

The app has a pretty basic design: the main screen displays your folders with all your data, including songs and documents.

Press on a song to play it, or on a document to read it. The downside is that Amazon’s Cloud app has a read-only purpose, meaning you can only open documents and not edit them or upload new items from your mobile device.

Anyhow, if you use Amazon, this new app could prove quite useful. This way you won’t have to use your computer to access all your content on the go.

Download Amazon Cloud for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touxh with iOS 8.1 or above