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Get the best price on your next flight with Hopper

Hopper is an iPhone app that makes finding the best price on a flight a whole lot easier.

We got to tell you, we love this app. For starters, when you open Hopper you´ll see a search bar where you can write your final destination.

Then, on top of the screen you´ll get the lowest price for a flight and few recommendations intended to save you some money. Below, a calendar with different colors to indicate the level of “expensiveness”: green, for cheap; orange for “more expensive”; and red for “expensive”.

Select a departure and return date to move to the “Prediction” area, where Hopper will provide you with some suggestions that could save some green, i.e. when to start booking a flight and how much will you pay if you wait. On the upper left corner, a pair of binoculars to get Hopper watching the trip you selected, and save you the trouble of checking the app regularly.

iPhone app for cheap flights

Other sections inside the app include Tips, with the best information to get a cheaper flight; and Flights, with the times of all the flights available and a green sidebar to indicate the cheapest option.

The downsides we see with Hopper is that the “Watch this trip” feature is not supported in some destinations and that the app is only available in English. We would love to see more countries and languages supported.

Hopper will prove a great option for people looking for the best fare out there, without the hassle of manually jumping from site to site.

Have you tried Hopper? Let us know your thoughts on the comment section below.

Download Hopper for free for iPhone with iOS 8

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