Elias Pelcastre

If you want free paid apps for iPhone and iPad, you should try this

I recently found out I could get expensive games from the App Store in a legal, secure and free way. It is important to mention, before I ramble on and on, this will only work if you have a US account. Hopefully you are full of questions at this point. How do you get paid apps for free? The answer to that is simple: Free My Apps.

But how does it work? You ask.

Free My Apps is a website that gives away a wide range of products in exchange for downloading free sponsored apps. What do I have to do? You don’t have to do anything apart from downloading free apps from your device.No need for a computer or annoying software. Nothing like that. Everything is done on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Follow this instructions to start enjoying your cost-free paid apps.

1. Launch Free My Apps website. Click on a paid app and you will be redirected to Settings;

2. On Settings, install the file provided;

3. Exit Settings;

4. Open Free My Apps’ website again.

Now you can start downloading sponsored apps to get points that you can exchange later. The requirements to get “paid” are, firstly, to open the sponsored app for 30 seconds, launch the website and press “close”. Then you will see your credits will increase (you can see the value of the sponsored app on its description).To see the list of paid apps, go the bottom of the page where you will find a link called “View gift apps”.There, you will find a list of apps with the amount of credits required download them.Remember to be logged in to your US account to redeem your gifts.

Everyday new sponsored apps are uploaded for users to get free apps.

Taken from my website EPELTECMagazine