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We tried Uber in Mexico City, here our thoughts

We decided to try Uber in Mexico City, here’s what to expect.

First of all, you need to download the app from Play or the App Store. After registering with an email or Facebook, you have to provide a credit or debit card, otherwise you won´t be able to proceed and access the main screen.

After you do that, we recommend you go to Uber.com, click on “Payment Method” and change the tip percentage to 0%. We want to spare you of any extra charges, and surprises, once you get your e-receipt on your mailbox.

Uber´s app displays a map with animated cars running around. Select the taxi closest to your location to get an estimated waiting time; next, you´ll need to enter your destination to get an estimate on the cost.

In case you’re in Mexico City, here´s a promotional code to get 150 MXN off your first trip. Select an UberX car, which is the cheapest option, to avoid paying (or pay next to nothing) for your first ride.


Once you ask for a cab, Uber will let you track the unit you chose and give you the name of the driver, the type of car he or she is driving and an estimate on the unit´s arrival time. Once the driver is at your location, they will call you to let you know.

Jump in and enjoy the ride. Once you reach your destination, and right after the driver rate´s you as a customer (yes, they do that but don’t worry, you can do the same through the app), you’ll get an e-receipt on your Inbox with the cost of your ride. That´s it – no need for carrying cash or waiting for the driver to give you your change.

But not everything´s perfect: you won´t be able to delete your credit card details through the website, or the app. That means blindingly trusting Uber with your private information.

Overall, the service was good. The driver was a good conversationalist and the car was clean and comfortable. Uber charges you by time and mileage, and thanks to GPS, the driver will always find the quickest way to get to your destination and save you some cash.

We wouldn’t use Uber every day – public transport is still way cheaper – but it´s nice to have a safe and comfortable option for traveling inside Mexico City. Have you tried Uber? Please, let us know in the comment section below.

Download Uber for Android and iPhone

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