Elias Pelcastre

Where is my mind?

Where is my mind?

‘I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it any more.’

Those infamous words, first brought to our lives by Paddy Chayefsky with his 1976 masterpiece that was ‘Network’. The film centred around an eccentric man who had been touched by a moment of awareness, so much that he took to sharing his opinions with the rest of the world. He wanted to be heard. Don’t we all? What are we saying, really?

Every day, the news tells us more and more about all the bad that is going on in the world. Murder, TERRORISM, economic crashes, disease, poverty, suffering, injustice, corruption, I could go on. We read about it so often, that we’re hardly even affected emotionally when it hits us. As horrible as it is to say, I no longer flinch or reel, when I see human suffering, even in it’s most depraved forms. I grew up in a period where I spent a lot of my teenage years at a computer, trawling through the ‘dark’ parts of the internet, in search of the next shock-clip. Maybe that desensitised me to it all, or maybe it wasn’t that. Maybe it was something else that led to this almost numb feeling of discontentment at life, the constant feeling that something isn’t right.

The fact is, there’s a lot of things in the world that aren’t right. We’re told to hate people because of their religious beliefs, we’re told we should be afraid, that we should be ‘extra vigilant’ in these times; be alert for terrorist activity, be ready, stay aware. It’s shoved down our throats at every opportunity. Who are these people we’re supposed to fear? You know who I’m talking about. I’m referring to that horrendous enemy, the people of Islam. Why? Because of the huge threat to western civilisation, of course! The actions of those rebels, originating in Iraq, and having been around since as early as 2003, have spoken for the entire billion-strong collective of Muslims around the world. Therefore, obviously we should fear them, we should scorn them, and we should ‘send them back’. Right? For the greater good, for the safety of our generation, and the generations to follow. Right? Wrong.

You’re being lied to.

ISIS/ISIL, are not the enemy. They are the misdirection for us. The group that we’ve been told to be so fearful of, are angry because of the actions of the United States and the United Kingdom, reducing Iraq, and other nations connected to it, to a blubbering shadow of their previous states. The ‘intention’ was just to overthrow Saddam Hussein, and to enforce order and ‘political stability’ into the region; at least, that’s what we were told. Our nations invaded to do good. There was never an agenda, there was never any oil, and there was never an army of U.S contractors just waiting in the wings to swoop in and set up shop in these already pillaged economies. No, the whole reason that two of the most powerful nations on earth, put hundreds of thousands of pawns soldiers in harms way, was to do good. Right?

Pardon me for seeming to be going off topic, but I write this with great angst and frustration. I’m calling to memory the knowledge of the lies and deception around us, and putting one word after another.

Right now, we’re witnessing Greece collapse into economic meltdown. We see that the United Kingdom and the United States have introduced ‘austerity’ measures on the poor; while giving those people with wealth and power, even more security and opportunity for growth. It’s 2015, and I still see ignorance, hatred, racism, sexism, fascism and ignorance, even though we live in the most advanced age in our human history. The entire collective knowledge and study, ever carried out by humankind, is available to you – most times, at the touch of a button, on a device you carry with you in your pocket – and yet millions of you choose to use this technology to find out who is next up on the block for the latest reality TV show. We live in an age where the elderly and the vulnerable are struggling to find food, shelter and warmth, in staggering numbers, while millions of others live a life which is wasteful, greedy, and ignorant.

While it may seem that this writing has no real point to make, I assure you there is one.

In taking the time to read this article, you’ve proven that good exists. You’ve acted on a curiosity, be it to the image, the title, the tags, or the content; but something resonated with you enough to read on. I believe that urge, was the good in you.

I’m writing this, to tell you that yes, I am mad as hell. I’m mad as hell about the suffering and hatred and injustice and warped global distribution of wealth and resources. I’m mad as hell about the fact that I see these sufferings on a daily basis, and yet it feels as though nobody is doing anything about it. Well the truth is, people are doing something about it. I’m sitting here writing this, to you, whoever you are, to tell you that whatever feeling you’re harbouring over there, whatever fear you have about the future, whatever unknown that is causing you anxiety, discomfort, anguish, it’s all okay. It’s okay, because you’re bothered by what’s going, and that’s what it takes to see positive change in a world like this. We need to expand that feeling of unity and oneness that we all possess; and connect with each other on more than just a superficial ‘Oh hi Mary, how are the kids doing with their street dance rehearsals?’ The definition of ‘namaste’ means ‘to bow to you’. It means, I see you, and I respect you. This saying has been around for a seriously long time, traced as far back as 3000 B.C. Humans have always possessed an inherent sense of oneness. We’ve always been on the same level. We’ve always wanted to help and support our fellow human. It’s in our nature, and it’s what makes us human.

It’s okay to be mad. It’s not okay to be ignorant. Get mad. Get educated.

Don’t believe your news media, simply because they tell you that it’s so. Question. Question everything, and everyone. You and I, us, we, are being lied to. Daily. We’re told that we should be afraid of ‘X’, while also being told to continue shopping and consuming, and to stop worrying about poverty and sickness and injustice and all those kinds of things, because ‘Oh look, a new iPhone!’

What I’m saying, is that it’s all okay. It’s all okay, because as long as people like you and I – those people who question, and who strive for good in this world – exist to pursue goals for the good of future generations, and to preserve this planet as best we can; we will win. Beings throughout the animal kingdom exhibit co-operative behaviours, sometimes almost considered to be telepathic, or ‘higher conciousness’ level ability; but the reality, is that we’ve always been tuned in like this. We’ve always had the ability to ‘pick up vibes’. That’s not just a saying, or a ‘nu-age’ mumbo-jumbo; you really can feel, and communicate, with everything in this universe. We’re all made of the same stuff; albeit some complex differences at the levels of DNA and personalities, but essentially, we’re all the same. We’re literally communicating with everything around us, at all times, without even realising.

With that in mind. Put out that good. Be that change. That attitude resonates throughout humanity, and spreads. There is going to come a point in your life, very soon (I’m putting it at late 2015/early 2016), where things are going to get really hard. It’s really going to hit the fan, and it’s going to hit the fan so hard, we need to redesign the fan. The groundwork is being laid already – look at what every nation is doing with it’s gold, that’s just a start – and moves are being played to ‘prepare’. The U.S have been gearing up their FEMA camp operations, the UK have just gone through their largest ever ‘terrorist training’ exercise, with the U.S kicking theirs off this week (8th July 2015). Could it be the end? Could it be the beginning of world war three? Could it be nuclear destruction, financial implosion, or global starvation? I can’t tell you, but I can tell you that a time is coming where you’re going to have to choose. You’re going to have to choose to side with peace, or side with evil. The side of peace with be presented so badly, that you’ll struggle to decide which is right; but you’re going to have to go with your gut.

I hadn’t really thought about how I was going to end this one. How about a quote? This one is from a guy who wrote music about loving each other. Someone shot him.

‘I used to think that the world was doing to me. And that the world owed me something. And that either the Conservatives or the Socialists or the Fascists or the Communists or the Christians or the Jews or the Fascists were doing something to me. I don’t think that any more cause I found out it doesn’t fucking work.

Most ass-holes just accept what it is anyway and get on with it, right? So for the few of us who did question what was going on, I have found out personally not for the whole world, that there’s no separation.

We’re all one.’

-John Lennon.