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I just listened to Lana del Rey’s new single, and I … (drum roll)

Lana del Rey photo

I liked Lana del Rey‘s first album, Born to die. But to be honest with you, Ultraviolence – the follow-up to the first album – didn’t do it for me.

Actually, I was thinking few days ago what had happened to Lana del Rey and if she would release something new soon. Well, I just found out on the Internet that Lizzy Grant has a new song.

I should said upfront that the track is almost 6 minutes long. But if you like Lana del Rey, that will not matter.

Honeymoon, which will be the title of Lana’s third album due to be released in September, starts with the violin that characterises the singer.

Lana del Rey Honeymoon

That is followed by a sad chorus. Violins appear on the background at times surrounding Lana’s sad and depressing tone.

A slow and shy drum starts playing in the middle, almost the end, of the song. Lana closes with some intense vocals to close the tune.

I actually like the song. It reminds me to the Lana’s debut album. You can listen to the tune, that is accompanied by a handmade (and shaky) video, and let me know in the comment section below.

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