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iTunes stopped giving away free music, again

Free song iTunes
iTunes used to have a “Single of the week” section in different countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico and Sweden – countries where I have an account.

But in January, Apple stopped giving away one song every 7 days, on Tuesday to be more specific. The media reacted to the news and Apple decided to release a section called “Free on iTunes”.

But there was a caveat; Free on iTunes was only available for US account holders.

Now, 14 days after the release of Apple Music – Apple’s new streaming music service – free songs have disappeared from the section. Free episodes are available.

From what I read on 9to5Mac and iDownloadBlog, consumer technology outlets haven’t realised what just happened (the only one I noticed talking about it was MacRumors).

I don’t actually get why Apple would do this. Apple Music lets you download tracks to your device, but they are not technically yours, as you will have to keep paying the $9.99 monthly subscription to have them stored locally.

I get that Apple wants to attract people to the new service, but the track giveaway was a good thing for new artists, as people could discover their music more easily through Apple’s marketing scheme.

What do you think of Apple’s strategy? Are they right in getting rid of the free songs a week giveaway?

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