Elias Pelcastre

Angry Birds 2: Can Rovio revive the original Angry Birds game with a sequel?

Yesterday, Finnish developer Rovio published a poster — which you can see on top of this article — announcing a launch date for the sequel to the original Angry Birds game and a special introduction event in San Francisco.

This is no Angry Birds Space or Angry Birds Star Wars variation. It is an Angry Birds 2, which implies a complete re-invention of the game (or at least that is what I want to think).

Yep. Birds look “different” on the teaser — well, not really, do they? They just look animated differently, and there seems to be a new character joining the saga (on the bottom left of the picture).

Angry Birds 2

The essence of Angry Birds is throwing birds and destroying pigs or things on the way. Is there any way Rovio could give a complete new twist to a game with such basic premise?

I mean, if Rovio managed to become one of the most famous independent developers in the world, I think they can get people to play Angry Birds again.

It may not be an easy road: Rovio reported last year a sales drop of 73 percent, and to be honest, I can’t picture a new Angry Birds gameplay. But I sure want to see what Rovio has prepared.

What would you like to see on the new Angry Birds? Please, leave you comments below.