Elias Pelcastre

Send text on Safari to your email effortlessly with Mail to Self


Let’s say you’re browsing the web on your iPad or iPhone and find something interesting that you would like to share.

Sure, you can send a link on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or by email using the sharing option on Safari.

But what if you find an interesting piece of information and would like to share it with yourself? You have to copy the text, go to the email app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and share it.

There is an app that helps you avoid one of those steps when sharing something with yourself.

Mail to Self is an app that shares everything you copy to the clipboard on your iOS device. To start using it, you need to enter an email account and wait for a verification code.

Once you receive it, enter the numbers inside the app. Now go to Safari and copy a piece of text to find it available inside Mail to Self.

All you have to do is tap the button “Mail clipboard to self” to get it on your inbox. This way you can easily share interesting bits of text with yourself through email.

And to make things easier, you can add the “Mail to Self” extension on Safari to share things with yourself without leaving the browser. Just enable the app’s sharing option on Safari by tapping on the “Mail to Self” inside the “More” section.

Apparently, on iOS 9 you will be able to send text from a website to yourself straight from Safari. In the meantime Mail to Self is a free and easy solution to share large text excerpts with yourself effortlessly.

Download Mail to Self for free for iOS 8 or above