Elias Pelcastre

Transform your photos into beautiful emoji collages


Browsing the web, I found an awesome tool that enables you to transform a photo into an interesting emoji mix.

Emoji Mosaic was created by Eric Andre Lewis, a web designer that works for the New York Times.

It takes the photo you upload and covers it with emoji. You can still see the original person or object in the background, but Emoji Mosaic selects a range of emoticons with a similar color tone to give your snap a different twist.

The tool is very basic, and you can use it from your iPhone, iPad and Android smartphone or tablet, as well as a PC or Mac.

I tried Emoji Mosaic on my iPhone. After you head to the website, you will find an upload button; tap on “Choose file” to take a photo with the phone’s camera, or upload an image from your library.

After you choose a photo, give Emoji Mosaic two or three seconds to display your new masterpiece.

Click on “Save image” and Emoji Mosaic will take you to a different screen where you can tap on the new photo and save it to your phone’s library.

If your photo is displayed horizontally, and you want it to be seen in a vertical position, just edit your image on with the iPhone’s photo app. Select your photo from your library, tap “Edit” on top of the screen, and select the crop option.

All you have to do now is rotate the photo by tapping on the button located on the lower left side of the screen. Rotate until you like your photo, and zoom in or out to center the image.

Emoji Mosaic may not be a groundbreaking tool, but it offers a fun way to edit your pictures. What do you think of Emoji Mosaic?

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