Elias Pelcastre

Add eliaspelcastre.com to Apple News on iPhone, iPod or iPad

Do you like eliaspelcastre.com? Do you want to get our latest articles on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch?

Apple just released iOS 9, a software update that comes with News, a Flipboard-like app that presents news in a very simple and attractive way.

Apple News is available in the United States, but you can use it worldwide by adjusting your device’s region inside the Settings app. I wrote a guide that shows you how to enable Apple News outside said country.

Apple News displays a set of featured sources, divided by category. For example, the technology section includes The Verge, The Guardian, and Ars Tecnica.

The good thing is that you can add eliaspelcastre.com to your Apple News favorites.

Open Safari on your iOS 9 device and head to eliaspelcastre.com. Tap on the “Share” button that looks like a box with an arrow coming out in an upward direction. Just swipe from left to right on the bottom until you find the “Add to News” icon.

After you tap on the News button, open the News app and inside the “Favorites” section a card for “Elias Pelcastre” will start loading. It may take a while, but the feed will eventually display eliaspelcastre.com in a very iOS 9 way.

Now you can get our interesting content on your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone by opening Apple News.