Elias Pelcastre

BuzzFeed News, a clean app to get your BuzzFeed news on Android

If you like BuzzFeed and own an Android device, there’s a new way of getting your daily “breaking news” on a mobile device.

BuzzFeed released in July News, a free app for iPhone and iPad that presents news with a flat and simple interface. I guess BuzzFeed wanted to beat Apple in the game of news curation before the Cupertino company released Apple News in the fall.

After a long wait, News is finally available for Android tablets and smartphones. The app is as simple as its iOS counterpart.

You will find the app is divided into two sections; Catch Up and Alert Stream. Catch Up offers a “quickly catch up” card with the latest developments in US affairs, followed by the latest BuzzFeed posts.

Alert Stream enables you to choose from a wider list of categories to get news on LGBT, business and technology, science, and sports, among other topics.

To be honest, I didn’t notice a big difference between articles on the app and the mobile website. Posts in News have sharing buttons, although the bottom of the articles is comment-section free.

Still, you won’t have to introduce the website’s URL on Chrome every time you want to catch up with the latest posts. News is just one tap away. What do you think of BuzzFeed’s News app for Android?

News requires Android 4.0; you can download it for free here.