Elias Pelcastre

This is how you get the new and digitally enhanced Harry Potter books for free

Apple announced this morning the release of new digital, and enhanced, versions of JK Rowling novels on the iBooks Store.

The exclusive collection comes with interactive animations, custom covers, and annotations written by Rowling. The seven books are available in English in 32 countries for $9.99 each. Spanish, French, and German version will go on sale on November 9.

How do you get the books free? Let me start by saying that this is not an ad, and I don’t intend you to start using the following method.

But the way I get things for free on iTunes, the App Store and the iBooks Store is this: Free My Apps. When I recommend FMA, people think I’m affiliated to it. I’m not. I just love using the online service and getting things without spending a cent.

How does it work? Simple.

FMA’s only caveat is that it only hands out US gift cards, meaning that you will need an American Apple ID to trade your rewards. You can always create a US account without a credit card.

How fast you collect 3,000 points for a $10 gift card depends on how often you check the website. You can use a multi-country VPN and get geographically restricted offers from around the world to collect credits faster.

Picture this: when you start using FMA, you get a lot of offers. You collect the necessary points for a $10 gift card in less than a month, and buy yourself the first Harry Potter installment.

You read the book in a month or two, and while at it, you keep visiting FMA and collecting offers. In that time, you get another $10 gift card and buy the second book. You see where I’m going.

Believe me, Free My Apps is not paying for this article. I just wanted to tell you that you can get the new enhanced Harry Potter books for free. You just need a little perseverance.

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