Elias Pelcastre

Labrinth fans, Take Me to the Truth’s release might be delayed

Labrinth is the artist behind Earthquake, a collaboration with Tinie Tempah, and Express Yourself, a song Microsoft used on its Windows 8 TV spot.

Two years after his fairly successful debut album Electronic Earth hit stores in April 2012, Timothy McKenzie – Labrinth’s real name – went on an interview with UK’s Official Charts to talk about his new record.

Take Me to the Truth, the follow-up to Electronic Earth was slated to make it to Amazon.co.uk on Friday, October 16. That’s two days from today.

Nevertheless, the online retailer giant has recently changed the album’s availability to “Currently unavailable”, stating the Audio CD is “Out of Print”.

There’s no current explanation on why Labrinth’s second album may not go on sale on Friday. The British songwriter and producer even released the singles Let it be and Jealous in anticipation to the release.

I would dare to say a delay is on the horizon, and that would not surprise me. Labrinth never revealed the album’s official track list, something that many artists do before selling their products on iTunes or Amazon.

Take Ellie Goulding’s Delirium, set to hit the digital stores on November 6, and a record that saw a pre-order right after its first single, On my Mind, launched on September 16. You could see the names of the record’s songs on iTunes’ pre-order section.

And what about the lack of an iTunes dedicated page to Electronic Earth’s predecessor. I mean, that proves the release has never been taken seriously.

All there is to do is wait until Labrinth clarifies his stand on Take Me to the Truth’s arrival to stores and streaming services. But I will tell you this: with all the pain in my heart, it is highly unlikely that we’ll be rocking to Labrinth’s new album anytime soon.