Elias Pelcastre

Account Key, a very powerful reason to switch to Yahoo Mail

I can´t remember the day I opened my Gmail account, but I know I´ve been using Google´s mail service for a very long time. It makes sense, as I have an Android phone that has the search giant´s services at its core.

I enter my Gmail account and immediately access my email, documents and music in the cloud, and my recent map and YouTube searches. It´s just convenient to have a Google account if you own an Android smartphone or tablet.

But the thing about Gmail is that I have opened so many accounts throughout the years that sometimes I can´t remember each and every password I´ve set. Sure, most desktop and mobile browsers remember details like that, but what happens when you need to restore your device?

All your passwords get erased, even your email information. Well, Yahoo has taken a major step towards getting rid of those easy-to-forget-and-hack keys.

Yahoo´s Account Key is a new feature that lets you sign into your email account without a password. Enable Account Key inside the settings section of the updated iPhone app, and you´re ready to leave passwords behind.

Every time you want to access your Yahoo inbox on a desktop or mobile browser, or even the Yahoo Mail app for Android, you will get a notification on your iPhone that “someone” is trying to use your account, location information included.

Granted, you will need to input a special code the first time you log into Mail on a different device, but Yahoo will remember you and ask you to allow the access on your iPhone.

Apparently, Account Key is available only for iPhone users, but that may soon change. Yahoo doesn´t offer any instructions on what to do if you lose your primary phone, but I´m guessing you can just reset your password on Yahoo.com.

What do you think of Yahoo´s new Account Key? Do you think that´s the future?

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