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You can now stream your Android gameplay live on YouTube

Android’s YouTube Gaming got several improvements. These include faster stream discoveries, a “Fan Funding” button to make donations to support your favourite creators, and the ability to import YouTube subscriptions inside the mobile app.

But the best addition is “Mobile Capture”, a feature that enables mobile users to stream their gameplay on the go.

Tap on your YouTube profile and select “Go live”. YouTube Gaming lets you record or stream your game plays, as well as choose the quality of recording to be either 720P HD or 480P SD.

It doesn’t matter if you want to record or stream; the app warns you that anything on your screen, as well as nearby sounds, will be recorded. So be careful not to make public any notifications or private information.

After you tap on “Next”, Gaming enables you to choose an app from where you will stream or record. My game of choice was Crossy Road.

Name your video, and share it on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ if you want your followers to start watching. Gaming will display a set of controls in the lower left part of the screen, where you can start streaming, see the duration of your recording, and mute audio, video or incoming messages.

On the top left, you can see how many people are following your live stream. To stop casting, swipe your finger down from the notification area and tap on “Stop capture”.

Take a look at my Crossy Road gameplay, recorded straight from my Moto G 2013:

Keep in mind that Mobile Capture requires a smartphone or tablet running Android Lollipop or above.

I didn’t run into any trouble while streaming, so I bet a new wave of mobile streamers is on the horizon. You can download YouTube Gaming’s latest version here as an APK file or wait until the update hits the Play Store.

If you want to install the APK, remember to turn on the Unknown Sources button inside your Android’s Security setting, and turn it back off once your done installing the app.

What do you think of Gaming’s Mobile Capture? Are you going to broadcast your game plays right from your Android mobile device?

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