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This is how I enabled Twitter Moments on my iPhone outside the US


Two weeks ago I wrote an article on how to activate Moments outside the United States. The fairly new Twitter feature lets you “discover stories unfolding” on your desktop browser, as well as the mobile app.

As I said before, Twitter´s elitist move meant that only people in the US got to test Moments. At the time, I managed to try it in Mexico, just by changing the language, country, and time zone to English and the US in the Settings section of Twitter´s desktop version.

Moments lightning icon appeared on the top left of my computer browser, and the lower middle of the iPhone app. But then, the worst happened: the lightning badge disappeared from the bottom of the mobile app.

I couldn´t believe it; Twitter had just blocked Moments for iPhone users abroad. After a while, I got a string of mentions on Twitter asking me how to enable the feature on Apple´s mobile phone.

I tried to use a VPN to simulate my location as New York and San Francisco, as well as change the settings on Twitter for iPhone, but the app still displayed only four badges on the low part of the screen. Until today.

Fiddling with Twitter´s web settings, I managed to get Moments on my iPhone. All I did was change the time zone to “(GMT-5:00) Central Time (US & Canada)”.

I opened Twitter on my iPhone and voilá; the lightning icon appeared again in the middle of the app´s dock. I find this to be very weird, as I previously had the time zone set to Pacific Time.

Hopefully, the feature won´t “evaporate” after I close the app or turn off my phone. I will let you know if that happens. I hope this tutorial helps people who live outside the US and want to try Moments on their iPhone, so please let me know if it worked for you.

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